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The key to getting a high ranking on the major search engines is to make sure your links are out there in the view of the robots that crawl the internet to find relevant links and text. You can do this in a number of ways; many bloggers, for example, look to foster link exchanges with other blogs and get their link in as many places as possible. However, the search engines are not all that keen on reciprocal links, as this would allow a degree of cheating that would render links irrelevant. The best way of getting your links to matter is to ensure that they are one way.

Private blog networks are an increasingly popular tool, as they are optimised to give the best effect possible out of placing your links. If you have your link in the anchor text on a well optimized blog network, then the benefit you will get from this placement will be multiplied. One-way, well placed, well optimized links can give you so much link juice that you will jump up pages in the rankings of the major search engines. As a result, traffic will build itself.

Putting your link in the available private blog networks can result in more impact than you had dreamed of. If your content is punchy and well-written, or your site is interesting and well-built, then more of the traffic from these links will be converted into business for your company; so it pays to choose wisely.

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