Special Link Wheel 20 Package

The Positive Power Of A LinkWheel

We have all heard of the "word of mouth success" in one form or another. It may be a book, a movie or a website, but some endeavours can become successful not because they are pushed down people's throats in a million-dollar campaign; rather, they are successful because one friend told another about the book. That friend told another, who told yet another and so on. The idea is that if something appeals to people, they will do the marketing all by themselves. It is a powerful form of publicity, as it is interlinked and organic.

Such is the concept of using LinkWheel marketing to drive traffic to a site. As the name may suggest, the idea is to have a chain of links going from site to site to site, building into a powerful endorsement of the target site resulting from the "word of mouth" idea. Although it needs to be given the chance to run its course, this form of marketing is all the more effective for having such a firm foundation.

When used by experts, LinkWheel marketing chains together sites with interesting, original content and lets readers themselves decide to click through time and again, and by the time they reach the target site they will be all the more interested in what is there. As a marketing strategy the LinkWheel is one of the most organic and sustainably successful tools currently out there. It may take more effort, but the results are all the more positive as a result.

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Tier 1 : 4 Web2.0 Sites Used to build 4 Web2.0 Pages. Each Page built by unique article. So, 4 Unique Articles. Each article will have 3 links to your main site.

Tier 2 : 16 Web2.0 Sites divided as 4 x 4 linkwheels - Each wheel will built for each Tier 1 Site. Here 16 Spun Articles will be used from main articles. Here we will use two links. One link to next Tier 2 site and another link to Tier 1 site. Finally One Random Link to main site.

Anchor tags: For linking to your main site, we will use given keywords. In Tier 2 linking we will use different anchor tags from the article.

Clear Explanation: (Here Site represents Web2.0 page/Blog page.)

Tier 1: ( Site 1 to Site 4)
Site 1: Unique Article1 - 3 Links pointing to your main site with your given keywords
Site 2: Unique Article2 - 3 Links pointing to your main site with your given keywords
Site 3: Unique Article3 - 3 Links pointing to your main site with your given keywords
Site 4: Unique Article4 - 3 Links pointing to your main site with your given keywords
Tier 2: ( Site 5 to Site 20)
LinkWheel 1: ( Site 5 to Site 8 ) LinkWheel 2: ( Site 9 to Site 12 ) LinkWheel 3: ( Site 13 to Site 16 ) LinkWheel 4: ( Site 17 to Site 20 )

Free : 4 - 500 Words Unique Articles.

* We are not using Free Spinners. Using Paid version and spinning will be done 100% manually without changing the meaning of the articles.

All 20 Pages are Pinged for quick indexing.


Keyword1 | URL1
Keyword2 | URL2
Keyword3 | URL3


Price: $249

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